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Entrepreneur in Essence (legal)


Your position


Entrepreneur in Essence is a position to let your skills thrive while focusing on (i) bringing order to a corporate legal environment; (ii) developing ways of doing the same old jobs faster, easier and better; and (iii) researching and creating the underlying legal aspects of new businesses and technology projects.


The candidate will work side by side with the company's in-house Legal Mind and New Businesses Development, interacting also with other C-Levels of the company, partners and founders of eGenius.


Your prioritary roles


     Organizing, standardizing and creating powerful habits - because we believe these 3 elements are powerful tools to liberate precious time from our busy routines and a substantial part of your daily mental output to do other, more interesting and valuable, things with them

     Being curious about the old ways and finding out how to do the same old jobs faster, easier and better - because we believe technology is here to help and to most old jobs there is an App or web solution to make it faster, easier and better

     Researching and creating the underlying legal aspects of new businesses and technology projects - because we believe our opinions have better chances of adding value if well researched and our creativity has more fuel to move forward when we know what has been done before.


Your approach









     Fluent in English




Your legal background


     About to finish (5º year) or recently finished a top law school (up to 3-4 years of graduation)


It's a plus if you


     Are an entrepreneur

     Have worked with contracts, societary, corporate law, M&A, capital markets law

     Survived a top law firm


What we offer


     Build new techie products

     Vibrant environment, challenges and fun

     Appropriate compensation

About eGenius Founders

We are a group of passionate entrepreneurs in the quest of leaving our mark on this planet by building relevant companies. Some people call it startup factories, others, tech studios or venture builders, we just call it following our dream. Unlike incubators and accelerators, we don't run any program or take applications. We simply identify opportunities, and with our own resources we select founders and co-founders within our network and together we define business models and participate in every step of building a new startup, from product development and talent recruitment to fundraising and daily execution.


How we operate


     We are entrepreneurs

     We will proactively identify opportunities and not passively invest in startups

     We live on meritocracy, transparency, hard work, and data-driven decisions

     Our value is in the combination of core expertise from our founders & partners

     We believe in building our own future, instead of living an uncertain one

     Our top priority is to attract and retain talent for our businesses that want to create a better world


Since our inception, we took part in the development of 6 new businesses/platforms.




     BeeCambio - - 2015

     RemessaOnline - - 2016

     Fdex - - 2016

     Mosaico - New Venture in Stealth Mode - 2017 (not launched yet)





     Easy Carros - - 2015

     Singu - - 2015



Let’s build the future?


"Would you please let us know if there is an important truth that very few people agree with you on?"


"Would you please share with us the process that led you to believe on such a different truth?"


“Would you please explain how other people could be engaged on sharing the same truth in which you believe wasting the minimum amount of your own and others energy in the process?"


"Would you please make an assessment on whether the truth you believe on is better or just different from the truth most people believe on?"


"Would you please highlight the importance of such belief in your life and how it defies you?"


"Would you please tell us what changed the most in yourself from the beginning of your studies until today?"


As you may read above, we build companies, but most importantly for us is that legal entities are just an extension of the individuals who sustain their existence, because this is how we believe we will actually build value to our communities and to ourselves.


We may be looking exactly for you to join our team, but the only way to know it for sure and see if we really are a perfect match to each other is being completely honest about ourselves. So, let's start it from the beginning.


If this sounds tempting to you and if your way of seeing life, your skills and background and aspirations fit the profile, we invite you to answer the questions above and send your replies to us along with your resumé and contact information: or , with the subject “Entrepreneur in Essence”.


Very much grateful for your replies!